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Daylight Wafer 1 Lightbox

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Daylight Wafer 1 Lightbox


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Size: 10X14


$202.40 / EA

A4 size: Ultra bright, ultra slim, ultra light, the Daylight Wafer 1 lightbox is your must have tool for tracing, on paper or fabric.

1 reviews for this product. Login to submit a review.

Perfect for starting animation
Ryley Parrett
I love traditional animation and this is a perfect starter light box for it especially if you can't afford a fancy light box this is perfect I can't wait to create some animations with it though you can't do in between animation you can still do it frame by frame but sometimes it does get blurry and you have to straighten the paper to stop it from blurring but other then that I enjoy it a lot a great purchase

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