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For 3 year-olds and over, Hexagonal plastic wax crayons from Jovi! The most attractive colours and a super advantage: their six sides, which prevent them from rolling on the table, falling on the floor and, as a result, breaking.

With Hexagonal wax crayons you can draw on any paper or card surface, they are very good for colouring and, and as they are all lead, they have a very, very long life.

As if all this were not enough, they are odourless and do not form lumps and sharpening them is so easy.

Handwashing with bar soap is sufficient for getting rid of stains on clothing.

1. Shading technique: Shading is achieved by working from lighter to darker tones of colour. The coloured areas are created by drawing lines very close together or placed one on top of the other.

2. Linear technique: Different colour values are achieved by drawing lines, one on top of the other, in a criss-cross pattern. The criss-cross pattern should be thicker in the area where a darker shade is required.

3. Whitening: By applying a thick layer of white crayon over a drawing coloured in using the shading technique, we can achieve blended tones similar to those in a pastel drawing.

4. Shavings: The shavings left over from sharpening any of the Jovi Plastic Crayons can be classified into colours and used to make mosaic-type compositions. Spread PVA glue over the area of the drawing to be “coloured in” and sprinkle the shavings of the chosen colour on top of it. Once the glue has dried, shake off any loose pieces of wax.

Download PDF for a list of possible allergens. 

Colours included in set: 

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