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Opus Essential Oil Colours Van Dyck Brown

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Opus Essential Oil Colours Van Dyck Brown


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Size: 37ML


$11.60 / EA

We've been listening. As more and more of you move towards oil painting, there's been a call for a greater selection in our Opus Essential Oils. We second that, so we're introducing a new and impressive range of improved artist-grade paints.

Our upgraded collection has nearly doubled from 30 to 54 colours. Vegan-friendly and loaded with pure pigments, the improved formulas have been tested to be as high or exceeding the amount of tint found in other top brand named oils. And even then, many of these hues you won't find elsewhere they're unique to Opus!

Expansive yet boutique, our new range has been expertly crafted by a small batch artisan with over 45 years' experience. Every shade is manufactured with a specific method, drawing the best from each pigment and maximizing its quality. We never use fillers and are thrilled to provide such rich, varied colours with such a strong mixing ability.

Opus Essential Oils a professional paint at an economical price.