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Paintillio Jean P Langlois

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Paintillio Jean P Langlois


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Size: 12X12


$104.60 / EA

This Paintmurallio kit has been designed in partnership with Vancouver mural artist, Jean Paul Langlois. Paintillio has taken one of his funky pieces and made it paintable by anyone! So basically, now you can be a mural artist too #getyourpaintillioon

This kit is perfect for individuals or tiny group projects (1-4 people).

Your kit includes everything you need to create your paint-by-number masterpiece:

  • one 12"x12" (square) vinyl print of your yet-to-be-painted image
  • numbered set of acrylic paints specific to your image
  • professional paintbrushes
  • magnifying glass
  • raw canvas cloth

    ...and a whole lotta fun!