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Opus Essential Graphite Pencil Set of 6

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Opus Essential Graphite Pencil Set of 6


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Size: SET/6


$10.50 / EA

A Staff Favourite! The Opus Essential Graphite Pencil Set of 6 offers high-quality, silky smooth graphite pencils, perfect for drawing and sketching.

David van Berckel and our Opus Team have gone to great lengths to find a reputable manufacturer to create our Opus Essential Graphite Pencil set. This manufacturer happens to be the pencil lead manufacturer of many well known European pencil brands and we are quite happy with the results.

These pencils feature break-resistant graphite with uniform concentration for smooth strokes and clean gradations. The triple-coated lacquer-finished pencil body is made from hexagonal basswood, providing excellent grip and it wonÕt roll away.

The set includes six graphite pencils including 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB & 2H which provide differing grey value and line retention. The graphite diameter in each pencil is varied to suit each hardness.

TypeHigh-quality, non-soluble, wood cased pencils
Break resistantYes
Tip(s)Factory Sharpened