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Pebeo Colorex Pale Gold

Pebeo Colorex Pale Gold


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Size: 45ML


$9.30 / EA

Loved by illustrators, graphic designers, calligraphers, and art students alike, the Pebeo Colorex inks have gained an international reputation for delivering luminous and highly concentrated colour!

These dye-based watercolour inks can be used at full concentration directly from the bottle or diluted with water to lighten. Their lids are ingeniously fitted with a dropper which makes mixing near infinite colour options at home a breeze. Just make sure to have a palette handy! Colorex inks work wonderfully with brushes, dip pens, and, in most cases, airbrushes. The metallics in the Colorex range are generally used undiluted to showcase their beautiful lustre. As with all dye-based inks, Colorex inks are sensitive to fading when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Much like watercolours, almost all colours of Colorex inks are re-wettable! The exceptions to this are Colorex Primary Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, and Trichromatic black which are semi-rewettable and thus ideal for layering!

For best colour performance, and to reduce warping, use these inks on heavyweight watermedia compatible papers.