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Pebeo Marbling Bengal Pink

Pebeo Marbling Bengal Pink


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Size: 45ML


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These vibrant Marbling colours are perfect for anyone wanting to make marbled fabric or papers without the hassle of traditional Marbling methods!

PebeoÕs Marbling colours use a simplified and modernized technique of printing multi-coloured or marble-like patterns that can be enjoyed by adults and young artists alike. Using their handy built in droppers, these colours can easily be deposited and swirled onto the surface of water thickened with PebeoÕs Marbling Bath Thickener.

Pebeo's Marbling colours are used according to a technique inspired by Japanese marbling on rice paper in the eleventh century (Sumi nagashi), and then in Europe by nineteenth century bookbinders. It is the process of swirling marbling colours, with sticks or rakes, on the surface of a thickened water bath and then transferring the marbled colour by simple contact with the object to be decorated. Whether youÕre marbling fabric, paper, or another light material, carefully place the itemÕs surface to the surface of the coloured bath. Let stand 10 to 15 seconds, then carefully peel off starting at an edge. Rinse quickly under running water to remove any excess thickened water or colour mixture before leaving the decorated object on a flat surface to dry. Voila! Who knew marbling could be so easy?

This product is water-based, available in 9 colours, and comes in 45ml bottles with built in droppers! Once dry, they can be fixed to fabrics by ironing the backside for 5 minutes on a cotton setting. On some surfaces Marbling colours can lighten on drying. For textiles, preferably use satin lining, since its glossy finish will revive the Marbling colours. This variation is common with marbling and we recommend to carry out preliminary tests on the chosen surface, or similar, before starting work.