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Opus Essential Watercolours Leaf Green

Opus Essential Watercolours Leaf Green


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Size: 8 ML


$10.20 / EA


Now available in 8 ml tubes and with 9 new colours!

The newest addition to our paint line, Opus Essential Watercolours offer intense permanent pigments that have the highest tinting strength and pigment concentration available, at an outstanding value.

Formulated to meet professional quality standards, our watercolours are made in small batches in North America and feature high concentrations of permanent, intense, and reliable colour. Lightfast and finely-milled pigments allow you to paint with confidence, knowing you'll achieve the vibrancy and permanence with every stroke.

Mixed in a base of natural gum arabic, these paints offer a wonderfully soft and creamy texture with smooth and easy dispersion in water. Use them at full strength, or thin with water, gum arabic, or other watercolour mediums without the addition of ox gall.

These watercolours are perfect both for painting in the studio and out on plein air adventures. They move across the page beautifully with a brush and make a welcome addition to your palette, mixing beautifully with other brands of watercolour.

We invite you to compare the performance of your preferred brand with Opus Essential Watercolours. Experience their outstanding pigment load, professional performance, and excellent price per millilitre. Make Opus Essential Watercolours your watercolour of choice!

  • Lightfast colours
  • Finely milled pigments
  • Formulated without ox gall
  • Soft, creamy consistency
  • Permanent, intense pigments
  • Matt to semi-gloss when dry
  • Available in 8 ml and 15 ml tubes, and a set of 6
  • 56 colours

1 reviews for this product. Login to submit a review.

Vibrant overload!
Greg P.
I recently picked up four of the new colours of Opus Essential Watercolours; leaf green, golden ochre, alizarin gold and perylene maroon. This pigment is highly chromatic, itââ¬â¢s vibrancy is intense. I have found that this colour can be used as a yellow and because of this it makes some fine greens, when mixed with other Opus pigments; like Payneââ¬â¢s Gray, Indanthrene Blue and Ultramarines.

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