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Old Holland Landscape Box Oil #1

Old Holland Landscape Box Oil #1


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Size: SET/10


$367.70 / EA

Bright. Intense. Powerful.

Old Holland oil colours are made according to the recipes of Old Masters. They are a unique mix of the best traditional colours and the best lightfast pigments. Each tube bears a hand-painted colour example.

Set contains 10 tubes, 40 ml ea. (Colours may vary)

  • A2 Zinc White
  • B106 Brilliant Yellow
  • B10 Scheveningen Yellow Lemon
  • B22 Scheveningen Red Light
  • C193 Old Holland Bright Violet
  • A244 Ultramarine Blue Deep
  • B253 King’s Blue Deep
  • B271 Permanent Blue Deep
  • A54 Yellow Ochre Deep
  • A72 Van Dyck Brown (Cassel) Extra

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