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Dynamic Seascapes by Judith Yates

Dynamic Seascapes by Judith Yates


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An exhilarating and exciting approach to painting the sea and sky, from master artist Judith Yates.

Artists wishing to capture the excitement and power of the sea in their artwork will find this book invaluable. Using a mix of traditional and more experimental techniques - all of which are explained in clear, step-by-step sequences - Judith Yates explains and demonstrates how to produce exciting, dynamic paintings full of drama and light.

With sections on colour, composition, and creating atmosphere, this book is a comprehensive approach to painting the tumultuous ocean with a mix of acrylics, watercolour and acrylic inks. Judith has a varied and multimedia approach, giving this book wide appeal to watercolour and acrylics artists looking to expand their creative horizons.

The book demystifies potentially intimidating aspects of painting the sea, such as the form and anatomy of a wave. through annotated examples and a huge number of Judith's artworks, which also helps to make this book a great source of inspiration and ideas.