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Sketchbook Traveler: Hudson Valley by James Mcelhinney

Sketchbook Traveler: Hudson Valley by James Mcelhinney


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This small yet sturdy sketchbook-and-journal combination is the ideal travel companion--ready to toss into a backpack at a moment's notice. Through drawing, painting, and writing prompts, it invites curious creatives to journey toward an expansive, more meaningful engagement with the world around them.

Filled with inspiring quotes and blank pages to develop one's own visual journal, this portable canvas is perfect for recording places, observations, and impressions of the world we live in and travel to. In a mix of history, narrative, and art, author James Lancel McElhinney explores the American Southwest, a vast area of breathtaking natural beauty.

Included are brief historical overviews of the region, composition and painting tips, a gallery of the author's field sketches, and sage advice for becoming a sketchbook traveler who enjoys a mindful engagement with nature. Thirty images and texts explore key subjects and five states in the region:
- 16 sites in the Rio Grande Valley in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, including Bachelor Mountain, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Rio Grande Gorge and Bridge, Cochiti Lake and Dam, Sandia Mountains
- 6 sites in Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation (UT/AZ border), including White Rock Canyon, John Ford's Point, Ear of the Wind
- 8 sites in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, including Quail Springs, Barker's Dam, Hall of Horrors, Hidden Valley, Pinto Peak, Keys View

Readers will be inspired by the Southwest's red-rock canyons, rugged plateaus, and painted deserts that have long captivated artists, writers, and everyday travelers. By deepening readers' knowledge and enriching their personal experiences, this book ensures that every day will be a meaningful artistic adventure.