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Stonehenge Oil Paper

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Stonehenge Oil Paper


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Size: 22X30


$11.20 / SH

Artist tested and artist beloved, Stonehenge Oil doesnít just do what a canvas can do. It allows you to do so much more and to do it without the need for primer or gesso (Thatís right: Zero prep required).

Achieve smooth gradations and transitions unlike any other oil paint paper. Build and build without worrying about ghosting or bleed-through. Develop textures to your heartís content. Mount under glass or without. It doesnít matter.

Stonehenge Oil is light, durable 100% cotton that welcomes layers and layers of brushwork while retaining every detail.


  • 100% cotton
  • Neutral pH
  • Acid-free
  • 320gsm/140lb
  • No deckles
  • No Gesso prep required

Oil paint, oil pastel, oil sticks, acrylic, coloured pencil, graphite pencil.

Sheets of 22" x 30" paper.