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Ultramarine Blue 38C5

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Holbein Artist Oil pastels are formed from a mixture of pigment, wax, and mineral oils. Made for easy blending, with no crumbling, and minimal breakage problems, these pastels have uniform colour distribution throughout, and smooth, non-sticky handling qualities.

The Holbein code system for the Artist Pastels (ex: 5B3) is used to represent the colours and their intensity, or saturation. For example, the first number is a general colour category, e.g. 5 is for yellows. The letter refers to more specific colours, e.g. 5B is chrome yellow. The last number, 1_5, refers to the intensity of colour, or pigment saturation, with 1 standing for pigments containing the most colour and 5 containing the least (these have more white). For more information and to view the colours click here.

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