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Gamblin Cold Wax Medium

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium


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Size: 16OZ


$35.10 / EA

Made from naturally white, unbleached beeswax, alkyd resin, and odourless mineral spirits (OMS). This unique medium is the consistency of paste, and makes oil colours thicker and more matte. Use it to create impasto techniques with a painting knife, or thin with a small amount of OMS to apply with a brush. If using more than ⅓ cold wax medium to 2/3 paint, use a rigid painting support to avoid cracking. Can be combined with other Gamblin mediums such as Galkyd or G-Gel for additional effects. A thin coat of cold wax medium applied over a dried oil painting can be buffed with a soft cloth for a traditional wax varnish.

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1 reviews for this product. Login to submit a review.

Versatile and excellent, blendable texture
Jennifer Heine
Excellent product for both traditional oil impasto and adds unique handling properties for contemporary techniques. Added in a thin varnish-like coat once a painting is dry, it provides a mattified surface good for photographing, which than then be buffed to bring up the sheen and intensify the colours.

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