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Gamblin Neo Megilp

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Gamblin Neo Megilp
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Gamblin Neo Megilp is a specialized medium introduced for a specific purpose; to provide a safe, archivally sound alternative to the traditional medium once used in the 18th Century to produce transparent, yet impasto oil glazes. This medium, known as Megilp or Maroger, was made from oil bottled with lead (to speed drying) with added mastic varnish. It made a silky, soft gel, however, it had poor performance over the long haul, with increased brittleness, discolouration and loss of transparency.

As a solution, Robert Gamblin came up with a new (″Neo″) medium to achieve the same enamel-like glazes without the drawbacks. This medium contains alkyd resin, with no toxic solvents or other additives. It can be mixed at 90% by volume with oil colours to give a soft glaze impasto, which is slow drying.

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