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Gamblin Galkyd Lite Medium (Special Order)

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Gamblin Galkyd Lite Medium is a good all-around painting medium; not only does it perform well on its own, it can also be easily adjusted to suit. It is an alkyd resin with low viscosity and medium cohesion, making it an excellent medium for thinning oil paints. It is fast drying, which makes it perfect for saving time in layering glazes. Galkyd Lite, mixed with oil paint, forms a strong, flexible, and non-yellowing film that will last for a long time. It is similar in viscosity to the classic oil medium recipe of ⅓ part linseed oil to ⅓ part turpentine and ⅓ part dammar varnish. To increase its ″slip″, add a bit of oil; to decrease its sticky feeling, add a bit of solvent. It is even possible to slow its drying time by adding poppy oil.