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Eco-House Damar Resin

Eco-House Damar Resin


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Size: 75G


$9.80 / EA


Use Eco-House Damar Resin (#950) crystals to make your own oil painting varnishes and mediums.

Damar Resin is a natural tree resin derived from the viscous sap of the Southeast Asian damar pine. The tree sap is collected and, by air drying, separated into the volatile turpentine and the solid damar resin. It is used to make various traditional painting preparations, such as damar varnish and medium.

To dissolve the damar resin crystals, use turpentine. Resin crystals contain some impurities as they are a natural raw material. Once the damar has been dissolved, the impurities can be removed by straining with a tight mesh sieve.