Store - Logan 650-1 Framer's Edge Elite Mat Cutter (Special Order)

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Logan 650-1 Framer's Edge Elite Mat Cutter (Special Order)

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Logan 650-1 Framer's Edge Elite Mat Cutter (Special Order)


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$1,248.40 / EA

Logan 650-1 Framer’s Edge Elite Mat Cutter is designed for professional artists and framers who want a cost effective, yet completely versatile mat cutter. The single pull style cutting head provides both bevel and straight cutting heads all in one, and contains lifetime-guaranteed Delrin bearings.

The high-tech Teflon-coated cutting bar needs no lubrication, and the bottom is serrated so that mats won’t slip. The parallel mat guide slides smoothly in aluminium channels, and enables quick, accurate border measurements. Squaring arm and other features make this a state-of-the-art machine.

Logan’s Model 650 measures 45" long and weighs 27 lb. The base is made of composite board, surfaced with durable, easy-to-clean laminate. Model 650 includes production stops, 10 extra blades, dual straight and bevel cutting heads, and a fully illustrated mat cutting manual. Uses #269 blades.