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Iwata Fluid Nozzle Eclipse (BCS)

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Iwata Fluid Nozzle Eclipse (BCS)


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Size: 0.50MM


$24.30 / EA

The Iwata Eclipse Nozzle is sized to accommodate the needle. As the needle is retracted, more paint/air mixture flows through the airbrush. Returning to its original position the needle should restrict flow. The nozzle is made of hardened steel to withstand wear. Quick and easy assembly of your airbrush is ensured by the self-centering capability of this drop-in nozzle.

The 0.50 mm nozzle comes standard with the Eclipse BCS model, and the 0.35 mm nozzle comes with the Eclipse SBS, CS and BS models. These nozzles may be used interchangeably among all these models. Please be sure to purchase the corresponding size needle if you choose to fit your airbrush with a different size nozzle.

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