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Montana GOLD Spray Paint Shock Black

Montana GOLD Spray Paint Shock Black


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Size: 400ML


$14.60 / EA


This amazing paint contains an extreme pigment load for truly professional results and coverage. Its high opacity combined with superior nozzle and line control ensure you can work quickly and efficiently. Plus there is virtually no overspray so you do not waste any paint, and the ultra-fast drying time prevents runs and drips.

Montana GOLD paints are made of a solvent-based lacquer of acrylic resin basis combined with nitrocellulose and alkyd resin. They dry fast to a durable matte finish, due to the rapid evaporation time of the solvent used. Use these 100% weatherproof paints indoors or out. Guaranteed lightfast for 10 years.

Use on any surface, including porous and non-porous materials such as canvas, plastic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic or concrete. You can even use it on styrofoam and foamboard, however you must apply it lightly in several passes or it may dissolve the plastic foam if applied too heavily. Testing first on scrap pieces is always a good idea.

Choose from 91 colours plus a transparent gloss lacquer. Five unique spray nozzles with varied spray widths available.

100% lead and CFC free with virtually no odour.