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STABILO CarbOthello Set

STABILO CarbOthello Set


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Size: SET/24


$63.40 / EA

Make your mark with the STABILO CarbOthello chalk pastel pencils. Pastels in a practical pencil format. The high pigment content gives these pastels strong luminosity and covering capacity. Asterisks on each pencil indicate degree of light-fastness, from one to five. Try different techniques such as dry-blending, smudging, or paint with them using water. The soft lead which is wrapped in wood, allows you to draw on delicate paper. The lead diameter is 4.4 mm.

This set of 12 contains the colours: 100 Titanium White, 205 Yellow, 215 Indian Yellow, 305 Vermilion Red Tone, 325 Carmine Red Deep, 390 Prussian Blue, 405 Ultramarine Blue, 450 Cyan, 575 Leaf Green, 635 Bister, 655 English Red Deep, and 750 Black.