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Iwata Triple Action Handle Set

Iwata Triple Action Handle Set


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$45.60 / EA

Get instant access to your airbrush needle with the Triple-Action Handle Set. It allows for fast full flushing and quick and easy replacement or cleaning of the needle. By unscrewing the handle a bit you can pre-set the needle back from the nozzle without limiting the trigger movement. This allows for more consistent spray time after time. This handle also features a threaded needle knob on the rear of the handle to store your needle cap when it is not in use.

The Triple-Action Handle Set fits these Iwata Airbrushes that we carry: the Hi Line Series, the Eclipse CS and BCS, the Revolution BCR (in the Iwata Master Hobby Set) and the Kustom CH and CS (in the Iwata Kustom Airbrushes &nash; Complete Set).

This handle set also fits these other Iwata Airbrushes: the HP-C and HP-BC, the HP-C Plus and HP-BC Plus, the Eclipse BS and the Revolution CR.

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