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Product - basic STO22
Sakura Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing Set
Size: SET/6
$19.90/ EA
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Sakura Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing Set

Go Manga! The Pigma Sensei Set from Sakura is the complete set for the Manga artist. The rich black Pigma ink is perfect for the Manga and comic artist. The 4 tip sizes give you versatility, and the pencil and trusty eraser allows you to sketch out your drawings before laying down the ink. Included in this kit is: 0.3 mm ultra-fine durable plastic nib pen, 0.4 mm plastic tip pen, 0.6 mm bullet fibre tip pen, 1.0 mm bold fibre tip pen, 0.7 mm fixed sleeve mechanical pencil, an eraser and an illustration guide.