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Holbein Waterbrush Pen Round

Holbein Waterbrush Pen Round


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Create watercolour and ink masterpieces while out in the field or exploring in the studio.

The Holbein Waterbrush Pen is made up of a plastic barrel and a removable synthetic brush tip. The plastic barrel can be filled with water, instead of using another container, a mixture of water and watercolour paint, or ink. Simply gently squeeze the barrel to release the liquid, and begin creating beautiful work. The brush is available in both medium and large tip sizes, making it easy for you to explore different washes, strokes, and effects.

Suggested MediumWatercolour
Bristle MaterialSynthetic
Bristle FirmnessMedium
Handle LengthShort
Handle MaterialPlastic
AvailabilityMedium & large

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