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Bowen Wood Frame - Black

Bowen Wood Frame - Black


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Size: 12X16


$27.60 / EA

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Introducing Bowen Frames! We've rebranded Opus readymade frame favourite, BOD Frames, to reflect our west coast roots.

Opus BOWEN Wood Frames are simple, contemporary wood frames that are suitable for exhibiting professional works of art on paper, photography, documents and certificates. The classic, clean-line design of the BOWEN Frames provides a great way to protect and present work in way that will outlast many framing and home decor trends.

BOWEN Frames provide a good visual balance without overpowering a person's ability to view the work inside the frame. These frames can enhance any work of art on paper, especially when paired with a Chai Pre-Cut Mat

BOWEN Frames are available in 2 Painted Finishes (Black and White) both in store and for mail order.

Black frames are the most common finish for frames being used for exhibition purposes. White frames are particularly popular with photographers, illustrators and interior designers, as they are very neutral.

Opus BOWEN Wood Frames: Perfect for works of art on paper or artboard and photographs.

  • Wood frames in Black and White finishes
  • __ Profile
  • Includes regular glass, corrugate, and easy back loading clip system
  • Includes all hardware required for assembly. Hanging hardware sold separately
  • 10 sizes ranging from 8_ _ 10_ to 18_ _ 24_ available for purchase in-store
  • 6 sizes available in bulk shipping packs of 5 for online and phone orders