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Shrapnel Portrait Screw-Post Portfolio Teak

$138.00/ EA
Size: 11X14
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Complement your work with the unique and professional look of Shrapnel Portfolios. Made by a Vancouver-based company, these attractive and durable screwpost portfolios are ideal for presenting and protecting your work.

They are handcrafted using industrial methods. Wood grain laminates and solid bamboo are bonded to 20 gauge aluminium for durability. The warm wood grain provides a complementary contrast with the cool metal inside. The bamboo cover is composed of sturdy 0.25" bamboo attached to sturdy aluminium hinges for a warm look all around.

All portfolios are expandable, using industry standard "Chicago screw-posts", giving you as much room as you need to present or store your work. Available in portrait and landscape orientations with Cherry Teak or Bamboo covers in 8.5" × 11" and 11" × 14" sizes, and 11" × 17" in landscape only. These stunning portfolios will ensure that your work looks its best, and your presentation gets the attention it deserves.