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Unprimed Canvas 10 oz

Unprimed Canvas 10 oz


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Size: 48" W


$2.60 / FT


The 10 oz canvas weight is an excellent general purpose canvas for stretching small to moderate-sized canvases, as well as for other uses.

The cotton fibre gives it a naturally warm, off-white tone. Aside from use as a painting ground, it is a good choice for applications requiring a sturdy, wear-resistant surface at an economical price.

It has a more irregular surface than the Double-Filled canvases, and is woven with single threads in the crosswise direction, and doubled threads in the lengthwise direction.

Apply several coats of gesso when painting in oils; however, fewer coats or none are fine for work in acrylics, unless you prefer a very smooth surface, where extra coats of gesso and sanding are advisable.

Prices are listed per foot. The minimum shipping requirement for canvas is 9 ft.