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Conte Sketching Pencil Noire B

Conte Sketching Pencil Noire B


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$3.90 / EA

Create rich, indelible lines that could only be Conté.

Conté ŕ Paris Sketching Pencils give you an exceptional and extensive range of pencils for maximum versatility in line, tone and intensity.

The soft, smooth leads in Conté ŕ Paris drawing and sketching pencils are unique to the brand, and contain an added abrasive for enhanced stumping and toning. Conté pencils can be sharpened with a knife or razor blade for fine detail work, and they work well on a variety of papers. While most of the crayons in this line are lightfast, some colours may fade over time when exposed to light. Please refer to this colour chart for a complete list of lightfast ratings.

From a deep rust to burnt umber finish, these pencils are ideal for light and accurate sketching, as well as more opaque shading as pressure is applied. The white pencil is ideal for contrasting or softening and lightening drawings.

TypeArtist grade, wood cased pastel pencils
MediumNatural pigments, chalk, clay
Tip(s)Factory Sharpened, Medium
AvailabilityPierre Noire (2B, 3B, B, HB), Sanguine, Sepia, White