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Product - basic STO22
Derwent Graphic Pencil Set
Size: SET/12
$24.70/ EA
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Derwent Graphic Pencil Set

Graphite that nearly melts into your surface, giving you a full range of tonal value.

The Derwent Graphite Soft Pencil Set offers a range of soft graphite sketching pencils from 9B to H, ideal for tonal sketches. The soft, smudgeable lines build up layers of tone, adding shading and texture to a drawing. The harder H degree pencil will add the finer detail to work. The hexagonal barrel enables greater precision and control when rendering your artwork, and the break-resistant lead allows for long periods of use.

The set contains 12 pencils of 9B, 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H grades.

These artist grade, non-toxic, graphite pencils are used by designers, artists, and illustrators across the globe.

H stands for Hard and B stands for Black, therefore the higher the number, the harder or blacker the pencil. The soft 9B - HB pencils offer soft smudgy lines to build up layers of tone, while the harder H - 9H are ideal for fine straight lines and detailed work.

Finished in black livery with a distinct orange stripe for easy identification, the pencilŐs degree is imprinted into its paintwork. The hexagonal barrel allows for precision and control, and the pencils are easy to sharpen, with break-resistant lead for long periods of use.

TypeArtist grade, non-soluble, wood cased pencils
Break resistantYes
BlendabilityEasy to blend
Tip(s)Factory Sharpened, Fine
AvailabilitySets of 12 and 24