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Rembrandt Soft Pastel Grey #7

Rembrandt Soft Pastel Grey #7


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Rembrandt pastels are for the serious pastel artist, whether amateur or professional. They provide pure artist grade pigments mixed with the finest quality kaolin binder (china clay). They are made in Holland, with methods that ensure even distribution of the pigment and uniform softness throughout. These medium soft pastels cover well without powdering too quickly.

The 203 colours include 42 pure colours, 40 shades, and 121 tints, all coded by number on the wrappers. For example, Lemon Yellow, the pure hue, is 205,5, the shade (hue + black) is 205,3, and the tints (hue + white) are 205,7, 205,9, and 205,12. (With some colours there may be a slightly different selection of tints, including 8 and 10). The line was recently altered to improve the range of tones and to include an extra soft white.