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Derwent Burnisher & Blender Set

Derwent Burnisher & Blender Set


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Size: SET/6


$20.10 / EA

Enhance your drawing with the Derwent Burnisher & Blender Set. Blend coloured pencils’ marks with the Blender Pencil, and get a polished finish with the Burnisher Pencil.

The Blender Pencil is a soft, colourless pencil made from the binder used for making coloured pencils. It physically mixes and smoothes the colours to blend them or soften individual strokes and hard edges.

The Burnisher Pencil is a hard, colourless wax pencil which provides a rich, polished finish when used over layers of pigment. Burnishing pushes the pigment into the paper, and leaves a very well-blended, photo-like finish. By sealing the image with a heavy wax, the image takes on a glossier look, making the colours appear brighter.

The Burnisher can also be used for a wax resist effect: draw with the burnisher first, then apply your coloured pencil(s) over top. The wax layer will resist the colour, and leave the previous layer showing through.

Contains: 2 Blender Pencils, 2 Burnisher Pencils, a plastic sharpener, and a plastic eraser.