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Peerless Photo Coloring Tinting Kit  

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Peerless Transparent Water Colors in sheet form provide you with excellent results, effortlessly. Just dip your brush in water, stroke it over the dry coloured sheet to pick up the hue you want, and then apply to your photo or other surface. The colours flow smoothly and evenly over most surfaces. All of the colours blend beautifully to the desired shades and tints in your creative vision.

The Photo Coloring Tinting Kit is designed specifically for colouring black and white photos. The set contains 5 colours that can be used either alone or in combination to achieve the colour you want. The set includes: one brush, two black and white photos (one glossy and one matte), and 5 colours (Brilliant Yellow, Japonica Scarlet, Orange Yellow, Sky Blue, and Dark Green).

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