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Gotrick Creative Wood Panel - ¾"

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Gotrick Creative Wood Panel - "


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Size: 11X14


$17.60 / EA

Gotrick Creative Wood Panels are designed with raised edges to contain liquid media, perfect for pouring resins, specialty paints like Pebeo Fantasy colours (Prisme and Moon), encaustic paints, fluid paints, and pourable mediums. Make sure the panel is flat and level, then pour, drip, drizzle or spread your media!

The sturdy basswood frame seats a 3 mm (⅛″) thick Russian birch wood panel in a recessed area with a raised edge that is 3 mm deep and 3 mm wide. Available in 6 sizes from 6″  6″ to 12″  16″ (sizes are to the inside of the raised edge).