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 Fantasy Moon Paint Mystic Green

Fantasy Moon Paint Mystic Green


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Size: 45ML


$5.46 / EA

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Pébéo Fantasy Moon Paints have a range of 18 pearlescent and opalescent colours that create magical effects on just about any non-porous surface. Simply apply with a dropper, stick or brush, or by pouring directly from the bottle on metal, porcelain, terracotta, ceramic, canvas, glass, wood, and just about any non-porous surface.

Fantasy Moon creates unique, spontaneous textured or marbled patterns that mimic stone, marble and precious metals on any surface it goes on. Each colour added interacts with the background colour and any other colours to form spontaneous patterns. It is ideal for creating beautiful one-of-a-kind jewellery and decoration. These paints are solvent-based.

Additional effects can be created by using these paints with Pébéo Fantasy Prisme colours, Pébéo Vitrail glass paint and even Pébéo Gédéo Resin.

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