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Opus Essential Oil Colours Viridian
$6.90/ EA
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Opus Essential Oil Colours Viridian

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August 17 – September 27, 2017

Member Sale Price $6.90 (Reg. Price $9.20)

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Experience pure, true colours at an incredible value.

Opus Essential Oil Colours are handcrafted in the United States, offering quality, performance, and economy all in one. Enjoy luscious, clean colours for mixing results you can count on. Formulated from only pure pigment, the finest quality linseed oil, and calcium carbonate, these paints offer bold and true colour that handles, tints, and mixes the way only true artists’ colours can.

The high quality, pure ingredients and true working properties of Opus Essential Oil Colours allow them to mix beautifully with other oil paints and mediums. Their economical price point makes them the ideal choice for beginner and professional alike, and for those experimenting with new subjects and techniques as well.

# of Colours30
# of Series2
Availability30 × 37 ml
12 × 150 ml