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Pilot FriXion Ball Pen Black

Pilot FriXion Ball Pen Black


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Size: .5MM


$4.00 / EA

Hiding your mistakes has never been easier!

The PILOT FriXion Colors Set is a set of erasable felt-tip marker pens with a thermo-sensitive ink. Featuring end caps that act as erasers, they will make the ink disappear through the friction of erasing. The ink is non-toxic, dries archival, and doesn’t leave residue. Colours can be added and erased repeatedly.

Note: Do not use FriXion Colors when signing legal documents, cheques, or when writing exams. Do not expose FriXion to extreme temperatures (below -10° C, above 60° C). To restore colour, cool to at least -10° C in freezer, and ink will reappear. Always replace the cap after use. Some types of paper (such as thermal paper) may not be suitable to erase.

Tip(s) width2.5mm
Tip(s) typeFelt bullet nib
Ink typeNon-permanent thermosensitive ink
Replaceable tip(s)No
Availability10 × 0.5 mm tip
10 × 0.7 mm tip
2 sets
Additional FeaturesErasable ink