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Jacquard Fabric Sculpting Medium

Jacquard Fabric Sculpting Medium


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Size: 16 OZ


$38.50 / EA

Dip fabric into the medium, and then drape, wrap, or lay the material around an object, armature or wire sculpture, and allow it to dry. Jacquard’s Fabric Sculpting Medium dries fast, but slowly enough to allow plenty of open working time. Once dry, Jacquard’s Fabric Sculpting Medium has a matte finish.

It adheres to most porous and semi-porous surfaces, including already hardened fabric, and is perfect for mixed media applications. Jacquard’s Fabric Sculpting Medium can be used to make fabric sculptures, lamp shades, collages, and much more. Try stiffening fabric onto paper, wood, clay, metal wire or canvas.

It can also be used as a fabric glue. Dilute with water up to 25% for a softer hand.

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