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2017-07-SUNL17 ONLIN1
Sumo Deep Canvas Frame: White
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About Sumo Deep Canvas Frame: White

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A very versatile framing system. Our front-loading SUMO Deep Canvas Frame is a ready-to-go framing option for our Opus Exhibition and Buzz Deep canvas. This versatile metal framing system provides solutions for unique shaped canvases such as 18″ _ 36″ or 12″ _ 48″. It works in two parts: simply choose your preferred sizes for the width and height of your canvas, and assemble. With 14 lengths to choose from ‐ starting at 8″ and up to 60″ ‐ the possible size combinations are quite impressive. The convenient front loading design accommodates canvas up to 1_″ deep. Available in black, and white.

Please Note that each package only contains two pre-cut pieces of frame moulding. You will need to purchase two frame packages to make a full frame.