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FC Art Animation Disk & Table Set

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FC Art Animation Disk & Table Set


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$334.20 / EA

This animation disk and wood crafted drawing board combination can turn any flat surface into an instant adjustable workspace, great for animating or drawing with ink and paint. Its handy non-slip rubber base accommodates the most vigorous of drawing techniques. Set at an economic price, this is a great workstation for anyone interested in classical animation. Back light your drawings with the light source of your choice. Try it with a Daylight Lamp

Animation disk:

  • Made of ⅜″ translucent white acrylic
  • 20″ diameter
  • Beveled 1″ hole on top and bottom for easy rotation
  • Removable stainless steel peg bar
  • For 12 or 16 field materials

Folding drawing board:

  • 32″ 24″ top made of hardwood
  • 16 ⅜″ opening to fit animation disk
  • Adjustable angles with non-slip rubber base

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