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Product - basic STO22
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Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate
Size: 8X10
$47.80/ EA
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Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate

The Gel Printing Plate looks and feels like gelatin, but is durable, reusable, and stores at room temperature. Its easy to clean, always ready for printing. Monoprinting on a Gelli plate is simple and fun, without the need for a press. Recommended for acrylic paints, however you can also use it with oil paints. Though it is easy to clean (use mild soap and a paper towel for acrylic paints, add baby oil to that formula for oil paints), you could try not cleaning it between some uses to play around with the residue for fun results. Use with fun textures, stencils and soft-tipped tools.

  • Remove paint residue with hand sanitizer or baby wipes
  • Store flat
  • Will leach small amount of harm-free mineral oil if left on absorbent surfaces, such as wood; store in original container or in other non absorbent box
  • Do not cover with plastic or wax paper
  • Do not use pointy tools
  • Keep away from open flame or other heat sources