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The Art of Perspective by Phil Metzger

The Art of Perspective by Phil Metzger


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If the concept of perspective makes you think of confusing angles, fancy measuring gadgets and complicated theories, get ready for a very pleasant surprise. In this comprehensive guide, Phil Metzger demystifies perspective, presenting it simply as a matter of mimicking the way we see like the way a distant mountain appears blue, or a road seems to narrow in the distance. The Art of Perspective offers simple but powerful techniques for achieving a convincing illusion of depth and distance, whether its a few inches in a still life or miles in a landscape.

Forget everything you think you know (or dont know) about perspective. This book builds an easy-to-follow, ground-up understanding of how to to run a flat painting or drawing surface into a living, breathing, dimensional scene that lures viewers in. No matter how you look at it, its the ultimate guide to perspective for artists in every medium and at every skill level.

  • Start simple, with atmospheric perspective and intuitive techniques, and gradually progress to linear perspective and more complex challenges such as stairways, curves and reflections.
  • Use the engaging, step-by-step demonstrations and exercises to try each essential concept for yourself making lessons clearer and more memorable.
  • Learn theories that apply to all mediums, plus specific advice for achieving effects using acrylic, oil, watercolour and pencil.
  • Get inside scoop on professional tricks and shortcuts that make using perspective easier than ever!

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