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Enkaustikos Anodized Aluminum Plate

Enkaustikos Anodized Aluminum Plate


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Size: 8X10


$72.80 / EA

Explore the versatility of encaustic paints with printmaking. These plates from Enkaustikos allow you to convert any pancake griddle into a printing plate. Available in 4″ × 4″, 6″ × 6″, and 8″ × 10″.

Simply begin by heating up this anodized aluminum plate between 150 – 160° F. Using Enkaustikos Hot Sticks, create your design on the heated printing plate. Hot Sticks will melt and glide with ease across the heated surface. Then lift your design off the plate with any suitable printmaking paper. Have fun making unique, one of a kind encaustic mono prints or develop multilayer lifts with ease.

Enkaustikos aluminum panels have a clear anodized coating to eliminate colour reaction to the aluminum surface. The heated plates can even serve as a nice colour mixing palette.

Technique videos available through the Enkaustikos website.