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Kroma Crackle

Kroma Crackle


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Size: 150 ML


$7.50 / EA

KROMA Crackle is a versatile, professional quality medium designed for fine art applications and craft projects. It is a semi_opaque gel that develops fine cracking patterns as it dries.

It can be applied to both rigid and flexible surfaces (ex. paper, wood, fabric, metal) and once dry and sealed it is both durable and highly flexible. KROMA crackle dries white, can be coloured by adding small amounts of acrylic paint (up to 5%) before application or by painting over the crackle once it has dried.

The size of cracks can be controlled by varying the thickness of the crackle layer; the thicker the layer, the wider the cracks. Drying process may take up to three days. Experimenting with application methods can influence the texture of the crackle to achieve different looks with a wide range of creative possibilities.

TransparencyOpaque once dry
Extra ThickViscous
For Use WithAcrylics, Pigment, Inks