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 Vitrail Opaque Paint Blue Jeans

Vitrail Opaque Paint Blue Jeans


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Size: 45ML


$7.80 / EA

Achieve a stained glass look with Pébéo Vitrail on glass, acetate, polyester, or plexiglass. Available in both transparent, intense, bright colours, and luminous colours with an opaque effect.

Vitrail is applied with a brush to all carefully degreased transparent surfaces. It can also be applied to metal and terracotta. The decorated surface has good hardness and resists gentle washing with cold water. To imitate stained glass, use with Pébéo’s Cernes Relief Outliners or Self-Adhesive Lead Strip. They are applied to the surface before the Vitrail colours are painted on.

Objects decorated with Vitrail colours are intended for decorative purposes only and should not be considered for practical usage. Available in 45 ml.

  • Transparent and Opaque colours are luminous and bright
  • For decorative purposes
  • Intended for transparent surfaces
  • Solvent based
  • Dry to touch in 1 hour
  • Completely dry in 8 hours
  • Resistant to glass cleaner
  • Bears light washing
  • Good lightfastness
  • 45 ml tubes