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Sculpey 5-in-1 Tool Kit

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Sculpey 5-in-1 Tool Kit


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Size: SET/7


$27.20 / EA

This multi-purpose tool has five interchangeable tool heads for working with clay. The tool heads include a blade, pointer, metal ball end, and two flexible shapers. Switching tool heads is quick and easy with the magnetic design.

For ages 14 years and older.

Features and Information:

  • For working with clay
  • Set of 5 interchangeable tool heads
  • Includes handle and tool head storage
  • Blade tool: Create lines, fine details, and cut clay
  • Cone tip shaper tool: Shape and smooth clay, blend seams, create textures and patterns
  • Chisel tip shape tool: Form thin lines and patterns, smooth clay, and blend seams
  • Ball end: Create indentations, concave forms, and curled or wavy edges
  • Needle tool: Create lines, small holes, textures, fine details and patterns
  • Tool heads are easy to change with embedded magnets