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Conte Sketching Crayon Set Assorted

Conte Sketching Crayon Set Assorted


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Size: SET/48


$121.20 / EA

Tried and tested for over 200 years; the perfect companion to charcoal.

Experience classic dry sketching and drawing medium made by the Coné company, which was established by Nicolas-Jacques Conté in 1795.

Conté Sketching Crayon Sets contain assorted coloured artist grade dry square sticks in a plastic storage box. Slightly harder than pastels, they are smooth and manufactured using natural pigments.

The pigments are finely ground and mixed with a binder. The traditional colours of Black, White, Sanguine, Bistre and Grey are made from carbon, chalk, iron oxide, soot from burnt beech wood, and sepia. While most of the crayons in this line are lightfast, some colours may fade over time when exposed to light. Please refer to this colour chart for a complete list of lightfast ratings.

Please use suitable fixatives and frames to conserve your creations.

Set of 48: 001 Bistre, 002 Dark Green, 003 Vermilion, 004 Yellow Medium, 005 Violet, 006 King Blue, 007 Red Brown, 008 Light Green, 009 Black, 010 Ultramarine, 011 Pink, 012 Orange, 013 White, 014 Gold Yellow, 016 Olive Green, 017 Yellow Ochre, 018 Raw Sienna, 019 Purple, 020 Light Gray, 021 Green Blue, 022 Prussian Blue, 024 Light Yellow, 026 Red Violet, 028 Scarlet, 029 Light Blue, 030 Mineral Green, 031 Bordeaux, 032 Umber, 033 Dark Gray, 034 Emerald Green, 037 Indian Yellow, 038 Madder, 039 Garnet Red, 040 Red Lead, 041 Cyclamen, 042 Sepia, 043 Prussian Green, 044 Saint Michel Green, 046 Dark Ultramarine, 047 Naples Yellow, 048 Flesh, 049 Light Orange, 050 Lime Green, 051 Green Gray, 053 Payne’s Gray, 054 Raw Umber, 055 Persian Violet, 056 Sky Blue.

TypeArtist grade crayon stick
MediumNatural pigments, clay, graphite, cellulose binder
AvailabilitySets of 12, 24, 48