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Faber-Castell PITT Artist Brush Pen Set Shades of Blue

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Faber-Castell PITT Artist Brush Pen Set Shades of Blue


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Size: SET/6


$23.10 / EA

A long-time favourite!

The Faber-Castell PITT Artist Brush Pen Set features 6 artist pens which combine the benefits of a modern, easy-to-use, disposable coloured India ink pen with a brush nib design. Its felt tip is shaped like a brush's bristles so you can achieve a wide range of expressions in your line work with just one tip size.

Create broad lines by pressing strongly and dragging the PITT Artist Pen to the side. By reducing the pressure, you can achieve a seamless transition into a fine line. Layer different colours for brilliant mixed tones, or draw on wet surfaces to create watercolour-like effects. Once the ink has dried, it is water-resistant and permanent. The pigmented ink is odourless and lightfast. It is ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design illustration, and mixed media artwork.

The shafts and caps of the pens are made of polypropylene to protect them from drying out quickly, and have minimal environmental impact after use.

PITT Artist Pen Set of 6 äó»Shades of Blueäó» contains: Cobalt Blue (#143), Ultramarine (#120), Skyblue (#146), Ice Blue (#148), Light Indigo (#220), Cobalt Green (#156)

Tip(s) typeFelt Brush
Ink typeIndia Ink
BlendabilityBlendable when first applied
Replaceable tip(s)No
AvailabilityBasic, Shades of Grey, Landscape, Pastel, Shades of Blue, Terra