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Opus Essential Acrylic Colour Cerulean Blue Hue
$ 11.76/ EA
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About Opus Essential Acrylic Colour Cerulean Blue Hue

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OpusPLUS Member Sale August 17 – September 27, 2017

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Member Sale Price $ 11.76 (Reg. Price $ 14.70)

PLUS, DEEPER DISCOUNT: Save 40% Off Opus Essential Acrylic Titanium White in 150 ml tubes.
Please note: Opus Essential Acrylic Colour Sets of 6 are not included in this sale.

NEW: We've added 30 new colours to our line of acrylics with the addition of our new 60 ml tubes!

Luscious Colour. Outstanding Value.

Opus Essential Acrylic Colours are a favourite among our house brand art materials, a professional-quality, heavy-body paint at an outstanding value.

Produced in small batches in North America with a quality-first approach, they feature high concentrations of permanent, intense, and reliable pigments.

Creamy and thick in consistency, they have the capacity to retain brush strokes and are perfect for carving with a palette knife. These colours can also be thinned liberally with Opus or Golden Mediums to increase their flow, or alter their sheen, without sacrificing intensity of pigment.

Colours mix with ease and dry to a beautiful water resistant film that is flexible and non-tacky. Opus Essential Acrylics can be thinned with water or acrylic medium and dry with a semi-gloss / gloss finish.

Opus Essential Acrylic colours are excellent for use on interior or exterior non-oily surfaces. Use them indoors or outdoors for fine art applications, craft projects, and murals.

Now available in 58 luscious colours in new 60mL tubes in series 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5! 58 colours available in 60 ml tubes, 28 colours in 150 ml tubes and 473 ml jars, and 6 colours in 946 ml jars.

Click to view Colour Chart (PDF)

Note: A small number of colours in this line may occasionally have some clear separation; this is not unusual for paints with high pigment loads. Do not pour off this separation as it contains ingredients that are integral to the paint. Instead, remix into the paint.