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Product - basic STO22
Opus Allegro Watercolour Brush Assorted
Size: SET/5
$32.70/ EA
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Opus Allegro Watercolour Brush Assorted

Wake up your watercolour paint with these soft and incredibly thirsty brushes!

Opus Allegro Brushes are artist quality brushes made with synthetic sable an animal- and environment-friendly alternative to animal fur, with comparable working qualities. These bristles are designed to carry an incredible amount of water, helping you apply colour in beautiful sweeping washes.

Suggested MediumWatercolour
Bristle MaterialSynthetic Sable
Bristle FirmnessSoft
Handle LengthShort
Handle Material
AvailabilityRound & Flat in a variety of sizes and a set of 5

  • #101 Round size 2
  • #101 Round size 4
  • #101 Round size 6
  • #101 Round size 10
  • #106 Flat size 1/2 inch