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Felted Friends by Kaitlyn Nichols & the Editors of Klutz

$26.99/ EA
Enter Quantity

Experience the magic of needle felting! With each poke, the felting toolÕs three special needles tangle the strands of wool, making it dense and compact, transforming loose wool into the cutest wool animals.

The exclusive needle felting tool is designed specifically for those new to felting. Use the detailed directions to take you step-by-step through five different needle felting projects. With these techniques, sculpting wool is simple.

The 52-page book contains beautifully-illustrated instructions for making five palm-sized pets: a cat, squirrel, bunny, fox, and mouse (you can make the mouse into a hedgehog too!). It comes complete with the felting tool, a felting foam work surface, and 6 colours of 100% natural wool roving (black, purple, blue, pink, orange, and white). ThatÕs enough for a whole petting zoo of felted animals!

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